What about cortisol blockers?

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Americans are more stressed and more overweight than ever. It seems logical that the two are related, so why not jump on the latest of the diet trends and pop that cortisol-blocking pill? Before you do, read on to navigate your way through this latest weight loss scheme.

The hormone cortisol is released in response to stress. Its secretion causes a series of metabolical processes with the eventual result of making us hungrier and prompting us to eat more. Most of the time cortisol levels return to normal before causing any real damage to our phsyique. It’s only when cortisol levels remain high that its affects can be seen as weight gain.

In some people, chronic stress can cause cortisol to remain at elevated levels. In such cases, people are not only eating more, but also storing more of what they eat. Cortisol appears to cause the body to store fat in the abdomen, as dangerous “belly fat.”

These people should consider cortisol blockers such as Cortislim, right? Guess again. There isn’t any scientific evidence that the so-called “cortisol reducing ingredients” found in these supplements have any affect on their target.

Even if the blockers worked, one should be cautious in taking them. Cortisol does more than cause us to increase our eating. It plays a vital role in other metabolic functions as well – including the cardiovascular system, and your brain. Minimize cortisol too much and it can have a negative affect on your body. Too little, and you can die.

So what’s the best way to reduce stress and lose those pounds around the middle? Old-fashioned diet and exercise remain the method of choice.

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Cortisol Blockers and losing weight

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When psychological stress causes cortisol levels to increase in your system, so does the amount of glucose, a blood sugar. Unused glucose is stored as fat.
The logic seems straightforward: blocking cortisol should help people lose weight.
Is this true?
Yes and no.
It’s true that the adrenal cortex of people who suffer from Cushing’s Syndrome, a hormonal disorder, produces huge amounts of cortisol, causing them to gain weight in their faces, trunks, and abdomens.
But there’s a catch to the claim that cortisol blockers can cause people to lose weight. Psychological stress doesn’t produce nearly enough cortisol to cause fat deposits.
Wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil says cortisol in amounts high enough to cause fat deposits can only be produced as the side effect of some medicines or by Cushing’s Syndrome.
Dr. Weil cites Dr. Seymour Reichlin, an endocrinologist and retired research professor at the University of Arizona, who says no scientific studies have proven that the amount of cortisol produced by healthy people is large enough to end up as fat deposits.

Are cortisol blockers good diet drugs?

Georgiahealthinfo, a health service in Georgia, says no reliable evidence exists that so-called “cortisol blockers” actually block cortisol, or if they do, that they help people lose weight.
In 2007, the Federal Trade Commission charged the manufacturers of two popular brands of cortisol blockers with making false and unsubstantiated claims that their products can help people lose weight. The companies were forced to refund millions of dollars to consumers and were prevented from making weight loss claims.

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Cortisol Blockers | Latest News and Information

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Cortisol is a steroid hormone with many functions in the human body. One of those functions is to break down muscle to supply glucose when your blood glucose gets low.
Although many trade named products are available, one prominent cortisol-blocking agent is called phosphatidylserine. Although this chemical has been studied for it’s potential to block cortisol and thus improve training or performance, no clear effect has been established.

And that’s no surprise considering the complexities of steroid hormones. For example, one thing that could happen with long-term supplement use is that your body could change the way it naturally produces cortisol so that when you stop taking the supplement, you get an unnatural production of cortisol leading to illness.
One of the most important things you have to know is that you can buy Cortisol Blockers online now. This is the best way for you to have them because all you have to do is to give a few clicks. After you order Cortisol Blockers online we will make sure that they will be at your doorsteps in the shortest time possible so you can enjoy your new life.

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All the truth about cortisol blockers

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What are cortisol blockers? This is a good question and you must know the answer. Here we will make sure that you will know the true things and that you will find in this article everything you have to know about cortisol blockers.
Cortisol blockers are the drugs or supplements, concerned with blocking the effects of cortisol. They can regulate the hormone cortisol, and increase metabolism to ensure weight loss. Many people also experience a decrease in their stress level, with the use of cortisol blockers. Apart from helping to shed some extra pounds, cortisol blockers are believed to assist in muscle building, for which they are used by a large number of people as muscle building supplements.

However, a few studies or researches have questioned the effectiveness of these supplements. According to some studies, cortisol level does have an effect on accumulation of fats, but only if it is present in a significantly high level. A substantial increase in this hormone level can be experienced in case of certain disorders like, Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal tumor or cancer, hyperthyroidism and intake of some medications. Stress, though increases the level of cortisol production in the body, have not been found to be associated with a substantially high level of cortisol, to result in excessive weight gain. To experience a substantial increase in body weight, a person has to be under constant stress for a considerable length of time to produce a massive amount of cortisol, which is not a common condition for healthy individuals. Know more about Cushing’s syndrome, symptoms and treatment.

In addition to this, there are not enough scientific evidences to prove that, the ingredients used in the common cortisol blockers are effective in counteracting the effects of cortisol. Again, it is also not clear, whether suppression of the action of cortisol can cause a reduction in body weight. The first scientific study that established the association between high cortisol level and fat accumulation was based on the presence of a high level of the hormone in the urine, and not in blood. The presence of a hormone in the blood is actually of greater significance than its presence in urine and till now, there are no conclusive study to establish a connection between a high level of cortisol in blood and fat accumulation.

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Latest News Cortisol Blockers

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Over the last 2 years, the link between weight gain and the stress hormone Cortisol has taken center stage. The concept was introduced, capitalized upon, and basically challenged in the legal system all within the last 2 years. The FTC filed a lawsuit against a maker of a Cortisol product claiming false advertising and unsubstantiated claims, yet you still see and hear of products claiming to control Cortisol. The public still seems to hold onto hope regarding the possibility of the science and potential effectiveness of these products.

Two years later, is there a product, or products, that have actually helped people reach their weight goals? It seems to be a subjective question. Some products work for certain people and others don’t. There is one thing that will remain true through all of this controversy regarding Cortisol, if you don’t include proper diet and exercise, the majority of supplements will fail you. The makers of CortiSlim(TM) were very effective at bringing the topic of Cortisol to the people.

How effective their product is remains debatable. CortiSlim(TM) may have helped many people, but when weighed with the outrageous claims they made, it is clear to see that there has been significant public backlash. If you take the time to review the ingredients in comparable products, you will see that the formula may seem outdated. Relacore(TM) has been around even longer than CortiSlim(TM) and now can be seen on TV making the same claims about “belly fat” and the connection with Cortisol. CortiDrene(TM) is another product offering a Stress-related weight-control formula. Unlike the previous 2 products, CortiDrene(TM) has not done any national advertising and has seemed to ride the wave of publicity and focused solely on actual experiences from consumers. CortiDrene(TM) has changed their formula in an effort to provide more quality ingredients and fight the effects of stress from several angles.

As the author of this opinionated editorial, I can speak to you from my experience fighting the battle of the bulge and honestly tell you over the last 2 years, I have tried all 3 products. I can also offer this; I believe that you have to commit to a lifestyle change in order for any supplement to provide quality support. For my money and expectations, I was left expecting more from Cortislim(TM) and Relacore(TM). I enjoyed the feeling I had with CortiDrene(TM) and actually felt more comfortable while using it. I agree with CortiSlim(TM) when they say it is a “Lifestyle”. I just wished they had said that in the first place.

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Cortisol – What is Cortisol?

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Cortisol is a hormone produced by the supra renal glands, whose secretion is stimulated by ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) – hormone produced by a small organ located below the cerebral mass. Cortisol has many different roles in the body: helps protein burn, glucose and lipids; helps regulates blood pressure and maintain immune system activity.

The amount of cortisol is secreted by a daily pattern in the first hours of the morning when its maximum value is reached and at around 8 in the afternoon declines. This pattern bears the name change or subsistence and circadian rhythm changes periodicity in the daily activities of disorder (lack of sleep during the night and sleep the afternoon).

Disturbed quantities of cortisol can cause symptoms without a specific way, such as weight loss, muscle weakness, fatigue, decreased arterial pressure and abdominal pain. Sometimes, a low hormone production combined with the stress factor causes a supra renal crisis that requires immediate medical attention.

A high level of cortisol causes increased blood pressure, blood glucose of appearance obesity, skin sensitivity, muscle weakness and osteoporosis.


Cortisol test, made of blood and urine is performed for diagnosis of Cushing syndrome and Addison disease, which are serious malfunction of the endocrine glands. Some doctors are using saliva as a sample way for making the test, for Cushing syndrome and to detect disturbances that may be caused by stress. But the most common tests for cortisol are made from urine and saliva, especially for cases of excess hormone.

With the detection of abnormal levels of cortisol, the doctor recommends carrying out additional tests to confirm the excess or deficiency and to determine the cause.

Dexamethasone Suppression

In case of cortisol excess the doctor may recommend a dexamethasone suppression test to determine whether it is related to the increased levels of ACTH. Oaral tests involves the administration of dexamethasone (a synthetic glucocorticoid), followed by measuring levels of cortisol in blood and urine. Dexamethasone suppress production of ACTH and a decrease in the cortisol where this factor is related to excess pituitas gland.

Regarding drug dosage, there are many variations but it is usually given once every 6 hours with 2 or 4 days before collecting the blood or urine. Separately collected urine for 24 hours before and during testing, and samples of blood and urine for cortisol are measured and analyzed.

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Cortisol Blockers – Cortislim

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Nowadays many people are stressed. We may consider now stress like a disease. But being overweight or obese is also a disease. Therefor it is proved that these two diseases are related. It is good for you to know what the difference between overweight and obesity is. It is about the body mass index also known as BMI. Now you should know what cortisol is and what cortisol – blockers are. But first let’s see a little about cortisol. It is the stress hormone. This specific hormone is released by our body as a response to stress. There is something special about the secretions of this hormone. When secreted a series of metabolic processes occur. These processes have a strange result. They make you hungry and you will feel the need to eat more.

Cortisol has also some very important roles in our body. It helps the burning of proteins, glucose, fats, maintaining blood pressure and also helps with our immune system.

Because no one wants to get fat, overweight or obese, we have a way to block the effects of cortisol with cortisol blockers. One of these cortisol blockers is Cortislim.

Cortislim is a medicine known especially to be a fat burner. But you must know that this cortisol blocker is known more and more like an anti – stress pill. It is known like an anti – stress product because many of the patients which used Cortislim for weight loss experienced also a decrease of stress levels. The main action of Cortislim is to increase your metabolism and energy levels. When you take Cortislim you stop gaining weight because the increasing of your metabolism, but the most important, it reduces the effects of cortisol. This medicine contains some ingredients which help you to calm your body. It actually calms your body’s response to stress. As a direct result of this we have a decrease in body fat. Cortislim also helps you not to feel the need of overeating.

A good part of Cortislim is that this medicine is new and available on the internet. By being available online you may procure it easy and without any stress. You don’t have to worry because of the traffic or because of the possibility of not having this medicine at your local drugstore. The problem will be solved with just a few clicks. The pill will be delivered at your door steps and you will start losing weight and enjoy a life without stress.

Do not forget that with this cortisol blocker you have a triple advantage: you will lose weight, the stress will disappear and you have it at your finger tips. So enjoy your healthy new life.

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Cortisol Blockers – What are Cortisol Blockers?

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What are cortisol blockers? A fair question and one of the reasons you arrived to this site. Before I give you the answer let me tell you a few things about what is Cortisol. Whenever you feel stressed, your body secrets an endocrine, called the stress endocrine which is commonly known as Cortisol. In your body Cortisol is one of the most important instructions that affects you in the following way: first it increases you appetite and second it stores the fat in your body. The simple conclusion is that whenever you are under stress, the raised Cortisol in your body commands the brain that we are under pressure or very hungry and in the same time it tells our cells to store as much fat as they can just to have a backup of energy. This results in extra weight and you can get fat without even knowing it.

To get rid of this issue modern medicine introduced a new kind of medicine called Cortisol Blockers. Cortisol blockers are marketed as the toughest and newest weight loss and muscle building supplements and they claim to reduce the Cortisol hormone. Manufactures say that by lowering Cortisol levels from your body, you can achieve a significant amount of fat loss.

What they say is not completely wrong, but Cortisol Blockers cannot give you just weight loss. These blockers do some of the job they claim to do but there are some restrictions that cortisol blockers cannot pass over. Due to recent researches cortisol does influence the deposit of fat, but this is due to the medication you are currently using or of some hormone malfunction. This leads to the conclusion that if you are stressed you do not produce that much Cortisol, and therefor you cannot profit at maximum by using the Cortisol blockers as a weight-loss drug for severe obesity cases.

Then what are Cortisol Blockers good for?
It is true that a high level of Cortisol in your blood stream is not good but the calls that Cortisol Blockers can help you loose weight in severe obesity problems is false. FTC made a clear statement that the makers of Cortisol Blockers are making incorrect claims about their products. Cortisol Blockers must be used only in treatments of overweight and light obesity cases. It has been proved that in more severe cases like in patients with the BMI>30 Cortisol Blockers are totally inefficient and therefor other stronger medicine like Phentermine, Xenical or Adipex are recommended.

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